Wednesday, January 14, 2009

History Lesson

History Lesson (Jan. 13-16, Jan. 19; National Archives and Records Administration; Constitution Ave. & 7th St.) It’s obvious that Inauguration is on everyone’s mind, and lucky for you, National Archives and Records Administration is hosting a one of a kind event which helps you brush up on your presidential history while watching some amazing historic footage of the inaugurations of past Presidents Herbert C. Hoover (1929) through Bill Clinton (1993). The viewing schedule is as follows:
Tuesday, January 13
Herbert Hoover Inaugurated, 1929
Excerpt from The Open Mind, 1933
President Truman Inauguration, 1948
80 minutes
Wednesday, January 14
Dwight D. Eisenhower Inauguration, 1953
CBS Coverage of John F. Kennedy Inauguration, 1961
90 minutes
Thursday, January 15
Lyndon B. Johnson Inauguration, 1965
Richard Nixon: The Inaugural Story, 1969
90 minutes
Friday, January 16
Gerald R. Ford Inauguration, 1974
Jimmy Carter Inauguration, 1977
Ronald Reagan Inaugural Ceremony, 1981
120 minutes
Monday, January 19, at noon
George Herbert Bush Inauguration, 1989
William Clinton Inaugural Ceremony, 1993
120 minutes

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